Skills Refresher modules, with a focus on Technology, Business Updates & Change Management.

On-the-job experiential learning.

About the programme

The JumpStart Programme is a paid (by employers) re-integration programme that runs for a period of 8 weeks. The Programme focuses on helping the female talents transit successfully back into the workforce. It runs concurrently with on-the-job training (carried out by the employer, based on job functions & role requirements).


Depending on the role, the work-trial period will range from 2 months - 6 months*. At the end of the trial period, candidates who perform well may be offered a permanent position (in a work-arrangement that is agreed upon, with the employer).

At the start of the Programme, participants will go through a condensed half-day on-boarding training to get them up to speed on the latest trending topics across industries. On the 1st day of work, a programme manager will be assigned to be present to ensure that the work-trial period starts off with clear goals.







Re:Integration Support

Feedback & Appraisal Guidance

The Process

For every run, partnering employers will list the positions they have available.

Candidates are invited to apply for a specific position (submitting their resume

& application form). Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview with the employers.

After the interview process, employers will confirm their choices for selected candidate(s), to join the JumpStart Programme (JSP). During the entire JumpStart Programme, each participant will be assigned to the employer-firm which they have successfully been recruited into.


Each successful candidate is sponsored for the JSP by the company that they have successfully applied for.

Who is eligible?


female job-seeker


  • have taken a voluntary career break of 18 months (or more) and are now looking for an opportunity to return to work

  • are able to commit to at least 12 weeks of full-time work and possibly continue thereafter on a more permanent basis (eg. Contract, permanent roles)

  • have at least 5 years of work experience prior to taking your career break

  • have a valid working status to work in Singapore

  • have at least a diploma or degree from a reputable educational institution


How do I apply and what is the process?

  • If you are interested to apply for a specific position, you would need to  complete the application form (for that specific position) and attach your Resume along with your application. Do include details of your career break (including dates).


NOTE: As every role may have slightly different requirements, you need to ensure you meet the job requirements for the role you are applying for.



  • is keen to hire experienced females who have taken a career break

  • is keen to provide a work-trial period

  • has open position(s) in Singapore where programme participants can be assigned to

  • has clearly defined roles and responsibilities, as well as role requirements for each open position

  • is a registered business in Singapore

  • will assign a corresponding supervisor who will work with the programme participant throughout the course of the programme.


As an employer in the Programme, you can shortlist suitable candidate(s) from our membership database for specific role(s) which you have in your firm. These roles could be either a permanent or contract position.