Your ideal candidate is just around the corner.

5 steps to prepare for JSP

1. Objectives

What does my firm hope to gain from the programme?

2. Opportunities

Project basis or role specific?

3. Requirements

What qualities, academic background and experience are we looking for? Decide on qualifications early on to help you select the best candidate.

4. Ownership

Who will be primarily responsible for the participant(s)? Manager, HR mentor, team members?

5. Infrastructure

What are the tools and workspace needed in my firm to embrace the programme participants(s)?

Do you face hiring challenges in the current market and have roles which you find difficult to fill? Are you constantly brainstorming for ideas on how to widen your talent pool / pipeline? 


The JumpStart Programme (JSP) offers an opportunity to unleash the power of untapped talent. The profile of our members are primarily women who have taken a career break of between 1 & 5 years, with at least 5 years of work experience and have previously held professional positions across job functions and industries.


We can't wait to hear from you!
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As an employer in the Programme, you can shortlist suitable candidate(s) from our membership database for specific role(s) which you have in your firm. These roles could be either a permanent or contract position.


Once you have interviewed the shortlisted candidate(s) and have made your hiring decision, we will partner you in helping the candidate reintegrate to the workforce.

Benefits to Employers

How can we partner you?

• Reintegration Programme Design

• Marketing and advertising to targeted female candidates

• Shortlisting and selection of candidates based on requirements

• Delivery of training modules for participants

• Support for Managers

• Performance/ Reintegration review support (start, mid-term & end-term)

• Active Check-Ins and feedback sessions with participants

• All logistical and materials support for the programme

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How can my firm sign up for JSP?